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A Personal Triratna Story, to Ordination and Just Beyond (z polskim tlumaczeniem)

by Suryadarshini

Suryadarshini visits the Krakow centre, Sanghaloka, and shares her personal journey as Nityabandhu translates. Starting with her life in Canada, she charts her journey over the pond, to her first contact with Triratna, to her asking for ordination, to her receiving her name, to returning back to the world after a three month retreat in the Spanish mountains.

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1. Introduction: my life before Buddhism (3:36) 
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2. Where is the Norwich Buddhist Centre? (7:33) 
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3. Getting married and becoming a mitra (6:14) 
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4. Receiving the name Suryadarshini (5:26) 
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5. Question: what was it like to be 'cut off' for a three month retreat? (2:52) 
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6. Question: how do you combine work and Buddhist practice? (3:50) 
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7. Question: do you need ordination? (1:49) 
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8. Nityabandu's closing remarks (1:42) 

Total running time: 33:02