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Shadows In the Forest

by Suryadarshini

Suryadarshini takes us into the forest to meet our shadows, drawing on traditional Buddhist sources and popular cultural references. Her personal approach to the Dharma accesses its universal aspects, and she navigates the darker parts of our experience with curiosity and kindness.

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1. Making the darkness conscious: three ways of engaging (7:03) 
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2. The forest as a circle: integrating the gremlins (2:54) 
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3. Walking deeper into the forest: meeting the energy of our shadows (1:53) 
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4. Moving into the penumbra: meeting the lost child with positive emotion (4:01) 
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5. Meeting the vampire with metta and fearlessness (5:18) 
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6. Meeting the ghost and spiritual death (4:36) 
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7. Meeting the dragon and spiritual rebirth (8:45) 
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8. The centre of the forest: receptivity and compassionate activity (4:02) 
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9. Responding to the call of the forest (2:20) 

Total running time: 40:52