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What To Rely On In Our Dharma Lives

by Akasati (2017)

This talk was given on Triratna Order Day held at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre, at the invitation of the Eastern Region Order Conveners.


0.00 Intro including 4 reliances
3.20 Appreciation
5.50 Experience at Chithurst Monastery
8.40 Sangharakshita as translator, big vision: effort and love, from all of us
11.00 Re-evaluation. Diversity. Bhante on value of critique
14.20 Shadow side of big vision & rapid expansion / Quality of meditation teaching / Bhante as authority, “Bhante says..” / 1st and 2nd Reliances / conceptual understanding
20.40 Gender attitudes / 4th Reliance as tool for re-evaluation
30.00 Insight in the order: (selfish? In opposition to Bodhisattva ideal?) Prejudice. 3rd Reliance. Hui Neng
38.30 ‘Official’ and ‘Unofficial’ versions of the order, public and private
44.00 Internet as tool
47.15 looking ahead, trust emergence, getting out of our own / each others' way
58.20 Concluding comments. Means as means, not ends.


Corrections: Please note that the 7 pages of 'Transforming Self and World' mentioned in the talk have, I have since learned, been edited down in the 2008 edition to leave simply the point about women being capable of the highest spiritual attainment - that's great news. However I think the comments here are still more widely relevant because they apply to other comment on the subject, within our archive and previously published literature.