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The Essence of Voidness and Compassion - Learning From Atisha and Geshe Dromtonpa

by Padmavajra

In this lucid, practical and inspired set of talks, Padmavajra expounds some of the core principles of the Dharma brought to light by Tibetan Masters Atisha and Geshe Drom through the text, 'Kadampa Precepts Collected from Here and There'.

The talks were given at Padmaloka during the 'Essence of Voidness and Compassion Retreat' in March 2017.

Unfortunately the fourth talk in the series was not recorded due to an equipment malfunction.

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1. Atisha on the Precept of the Lama (1:05) 
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2. Atisha on the Essence of Voidness and Compassion (1:00) 
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3. Geshe Drom on the Essence of Voidness and Compassion (55:16) 

Total running time: 57:21