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Reflecting On the Life of the Buddha

by Saddhanandi

This is the first of four talks exploring Vasubandhu's Four Factors. In his treatise Generating Bodhi Resolve,

Vasubandhu describes them as able to generate the resolve to cultivate and accumulate the bases for the Arising of the Bodhicitta. You can find out more about them in Sangharakshita's books The Meaning of Conversion in Buddhism and The Bodhisattva Ideal.

Saddhanandi gave this talk on a meditation retreat for women who have asked for ordination. The complete set of talks is as follows and each one finishes with a led reflection on the theme.

Factor 1: Reflecting on the Buddha, by Saddhanandi

Factor 2: Contemplating the Faults of Existence, by Dhammadassin

Factor 3: Contemplating the Suffering of Beings, by Kulaprabha

Factor 4: Contemplating the Qualities of the Tathagathas, by Samantabhadri

Given at Taraloka in February, 2010.

This talk is part of the series Contemplating Vasubandhu's Four Factors.

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1. Introduction (4:43) 
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2. Motivation (6:47) 
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3. It's Been Done Before, Why Not Us (6:53) 
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4. Taking on the View That Enlightenment Is Possible (6:59) 
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5. Doing What Needs to Be Done (4:29) 
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6. Led Reflection (25:34) 

Total running time: 55:25