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Spiritual Death

by Vessantara (2016)

Spiritual Death Retreat September 2016 Vessantara

A series of presentations and guided meditations from Vessantara during a retreat on the theme of Spiritual Death at Adhisthana, September 2016.

1. Day 1 AM
?Introduction to Spiritual Death as the theme of the retreat within the context of the whole mandala of practice, with a guided meditation.

2. Day 1 PM 1
A short introduction and guided meditation working with the elements.

3. Day 1 PM 2
Exploring approaches to the Six Element Practice and a guided meditation.

4. Day 2 AM 1
Reflecting on direct experience in the Six Element Practice and keeping the practice alive, with a guided meditation

5. Day 2 AM 2
A guided meditation exploring our experience of the elements in our bodies.

6. Day 2 PM 1
A guided six-element practice.

7. Day 2 PM 2
Identifying progress in the six-element practice and working with nihilistic views.

8. Day 3 AM 1
Q&A: metta as a spiritual death practice; unhooking from object, subject, concept; working with our different responses to insight practice and the six element practice; developing indi

9. Day 3 AM 2
Direct Experience approaches and a guided meditation.

10. Day 3 PM
More on Direct Experience approaches and a guided meditation.

11. Day 4 AM 1
?Investigating the nature of thought and a guided meditation.

12. Day 4 AM 2
?More on our direct experience of thought.

13. Day 4 PM
Exploring concepts and direct experience, with a guided meditation.

14. Day 5 AM
Dukkha arising from the tension between subject and object which produces craving and aversion. Working with resting in direct experience through unhooking, and investigating the nature of
emotional experience, with a guided meditation.

15. Day 5 PM
The unfolding of insight experiences.

16. Day 6 AM
Awareness of appearances and reality, with a guided meditation.

Total running time: 11:24:52