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I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

by Padmakumara

A talk on real practice in the sometimes painfully real world...

N.B. This talk was re-recorded 'as live' because of poor quality on the original.


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1. Introduction - the emergence of the topic of "sangha and the practice of human relating" (2:12) 
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2. The dilemmas that threaten our ideal of a lazy Sunday morning - global suffering in The Independent (3:57) 
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3. The Metta Bhavana meditation to avoid the news, distractions all around (2:19) 
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4. Exploring mortality and the fragility of happiness in both the private and public world (3:48) 
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5. Existential suffering, incompleteness, and the wrong view that external things can be relied on for happiness (3:01) 
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6. Going for Refuge - what we can rely on (2:10) 
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7. Back to the Sunday morning - exploring the ideals of relating and the spiritual community as presented in a film (3:05) 
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8. The Buddha describes the qualities and interactions of an ideal sangha; sangha as the ideal of human relating (5:29) 

Total running time: 26:01