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The Significance of Dr Ambedkar (with translation in Hindi)

by Subhuti (2009)

As well as leading big retreats our Dhammakranti work includes leading smaller retreats in outlaying areas. This is the second talk given to a small retreat held in Kushinagar the site of the Buddha's parinibhana.

In India Dr Ambedkar, the man who led the mass conversion movement that we are part of, is a key stepping stone into the Dhamma. In this talk Subhuti outlines, what Dr Ambedkar had to say and why he's soo important to India and the wider Buddhist world. Subhuti has spent many years studying about and teaching Dr Ambedkars message and he is extremely skilled in communicating the breadth and depth of Dr Ambedkars vision of how the Dhamma could transform the lives of those downtrodden by Indian society, then wider society to everyone's benefit and by extension societies beyond India.