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Compassion and Wisdom

by Kamalashila (2016)

In this day event, Kamalashila explores compassion and wisdom by using the Brahma vihara meditations.

He begins by introducing the ideas of compassion, meditation and the Brahma viharas, then links compassion and wisdom.

This is followed by a led meditation on the karuna bhavana.

The third section relates compassion, wisdom and the Brahma viharas with concentration in the dhyanas. Kamalashila then explores similarities between the final stages of the Brahma vihara meditations and the four Arupalokas.

The day finishes with a reading describing the Avalokiteshvara mantra and by chanting this.

These talks were given at the Croydon Buddhist Centre in May 2016

Total running time: 5:45:40