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Aspects of Going For Refuge

by Vessantara (2016)

In this short series given at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre in early 2016, Vessantara explores Sangharakshitas idea that fundamentally there is one spiritual experience, which has different aspects that we can unfold. All the talks are linked together not only through ideas, but also through a thread of stories and imagery related to the Pacific Ocean.

Talk 1: Wayfinding: the Volitional Aspect.
This first talk looks at going for refuge to the Three Jewels, which is the central aspect.
Talk 2: The Empty Boat: the Insight Aspect.
This second talk covers deepening insight into the nature of things, from reflection to direct experience, stream entry and beyond.
Talk 3: Ferrying Across: the Altruistic Aspect.
This third talk is all about love and compassion, and how it flowers in the arising of Bodhicitta.
Talk 4: Steering for the Deep: the Awareness Aspect.
This final one explores how to contact and influence deeper levels of mind, culminating in the turning about of the basis, the transformation of the deepest level of mind.

Total running time: 3:19:24