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A Buddhist Revolution

by Vajratara (2015)

In the second of a series of talks given in Sheffield about Dr Ambedkar and his relevance to the Western Buddhists, Vajratara uses the example of Dr Ambedkar and the Indian Buddhists to show how Buddhism is revolutionary. Do we need a revolution? If we do, what kind of revolution do we need? Vajratara argues that the real revolution is a revolution of mind, and it is the revolution of mind that creates a revolution in society. This is something Dr Ambedkar saw, and he built his revolution on that basis. Through education, self responsibility, and the Buddhist path, Dr Ambedkar changed society. He showed how Buddhism itself can be a force for goodness in the world; a peaceful revolution. There is a lot Buddhism in the West can learn from his example.

Talk given at Sheffield Buddhist Centre, May 2015