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Dr. Ambedkar For India and the World

by Vajratara (2015)

Given on the World on Fire retreat at Adhisthana in June 2015. Vajratara talks about the significance of Dr. Ambedkar, not only for India, but for Buddhists all around the world, and for society as a whole.

0.00 Vajratara introduces the life of Dr. Ambedkar and the Indian context

21.00 Questions and Answers on Dr. Ambedkar

27.00 Three points on how the teachings of Ambedkar brought about social change

28.30 The place of religion in a free society, and what Buddhism has to offer the world

46.15 Dr Ambedkar on the growth of the individual, the revolution of mind, and personal ethical responsibility

1.05.15 The necessity of the Sangha for individual growth and social change

1.16.55 What can we take from the life and message of Dr Ambedkar?