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Learning the Metta Bhavana

by Kavyasiddhi

Kavyasiddhi gave this talk on the Christmas Oasis Retreat at Taraloka. She says: "It's an accessible talk, given on a retreat open to people of all levels of meditation experience, which shares a personal account of mistaking the Metta Bhavana for a 'manufacture and distribution' process and coming to see it as a key to stop 'fighting' my experience; and how I see the practice as an act of faith in the connected, potential filled Reality, described by the Buddha.

And I look at what metta is and the implications for doing the practice - on one's own mind and, in potential, for the world."

Given at Taraloka, December 2009

Please note, the original sound recording of this talk was of low quality and this comes through on the online version.

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1. Going on Retreat for the First Time (6:44) 
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2. First Attempts at the Metta Bhavana (5:30) 
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3. Being Told that You Need More Self Metta (3:27) 
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4. It's Retraining Your Mind, It's Not Homework (5:51) 
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5. Waking Up to How Things Are (10:28) 
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6. Tension Between Self and Other (3:23) 

Total running time: 35:23