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The House Builder (with translation in Hindi)

by Subhuti (2015)

From 1 - 8 February 2015 Subhuti led an International Order Retreat at Triratnas Three Jewels Centre in Bodhgaya. To prepare for each evenings meditation and puja under the Bodhi tree Subhuti offered a series of seven inspiring talks exploring the Buddhas experience in Bodh Gaya. The series is entitled Placing Ourselves at the Feet of the Buddha.

At the heart of these talks is a poem by Sangharakshita, Taking Refuge In The Buddha, which was written here in response to his own strong experience of Bodh Gaya.

In the third of seven talks we focus on The Buddha as he disappears. Subhuti explores the Buddhas first words after his enlightenment. The words are recorded in the Dhammapada and said to be spoken as the Buddha still sat on the Vajrasana. They are known as his Song of Victory. Who is the house builder that the Buddha sings of and what is the house?

This talk is part of the series Placing Ourselves at the Feet of the Buddha.