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A Personal Take On Upekkha

by Ratnavandana

Continuing the series of personal talks on each of the Brahma Viharas from the 2015 Rainy Season Retreat, Ratnavandana shares an intensely honest, psychologically intimate, beautifully forensic history of her personal relationship to the practice of upekkha (equanimity) throughout her spiritual life. We hear about ways to assess what is going on in the subtler realms of our experience - and how to look to move beyond them so we too can live like a river...

This talk is part of the series Brahma Viharas - Bristol Retreat 2015.

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1. A reading from T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets; early impressions and fears around the idea of equanimity (4:20) 
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2. Getting to grips with highs and lows on solitary retreat; Amoghasiddhi, his gesture of fearlessness; coming into alignment with the nature of upekkha (2:22) 
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3. Dealing with personal reactivity (1:36) 
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4. Bringing together head and heart; setting intention (1:36) 
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5. Sangharakshita on equanimity (2:07) 
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6. Working on a subtler level - resistance and aversion; practising equanimity with pain (2:52) 
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7. Living like a river (1:14) 
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8. Equanimity pervading metta, mudita, and karuna (1:56) 
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9. Sangharakshita on upekkha from Living With Kindness (1:23) 

Total running time: 19:26