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Initiation Into a New Life Talk 2 (with translation in Marathi)

by Subhuti (2014)

The second in a series of five talks by Subhuti

Subhuti led a retreat for Indian public and private preceptors in December 2014 during which he presented this series of talks which explore the paper Initiation Into a New Life - The Ordination Ceremony in Sangharakshitas System of Spiritual Practice.

The Triratna Order is the community of Sangharakshitas disciples and his disciples disciples and those disciples are practicing the Buddha Dharma in accordance with his particular presentation of it. In this paper Subhuti was particular concerned with the ordination ceremony and how that fitted in to Sangharakshitas overall system and especially how this unique ceremony in the Buddhist world should be understood. The talks, aimed primarily at preceptors but open to all, offer a thorough exploration of the paper.

The talk is given in English and translated into Marathi by Dharmachari Yashosagara.

This talk is part of the series Initiation into a New Life.