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A Personal Take On Mudita

by Sanghaketu

An infectiously delightful talk by Sanghaketu on the subject of joyful resonance with others (mudita) as part of the 2015 Rainy Season Retreat on the Brahma Viharas, Living In The Mandala. He really gets into his subject here! And his sense and experience of gladness comes across beautifully through laughter and reflection on the boon of good friends.

Talk given in March 2015.

This talk is part of the series Brahma Viharas - Bristol Retreat 2015.

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1. Introduction - thoughts on gladness (3:07) 
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2. Meeting the big suffering in the world; writing to governments; negativity and the devil inside (2:31) 
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3. Reasons to be glad - the Buddha getting enlightened and ordination (1:58) 
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4. Coming back to gladness in meditation; rejoicing in merits; comedy and music (4:37) 
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5. Making a first ever offering (0:46) 
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6. Rejoicing in Sarah, a personal friend; being blessed with good friends (4:43) 
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7. Reading of The Suffusion of the Divine Abidings (0:36) 

Total running time: 18:18