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Secular Mindfulness and Sacred Mindfulness

by Vishvapani (2014)

A talk given at the Triratna Buddhist Order November 2014 Men's UK and Ireland Area Order Weekend at Adhisthana on 1 November 2014. The theme of the weekend was Mindfulness.

Vishvapani writes: "We're in the middle of the greatest surge in interest related to Buddhism since the 1960s: the secular mindfulness boom. I've been deeply involved in Triratna for many years and my current experience as a secular mindfulness trainer has me doing everything from teaching meditation to murderers to helping prepare a report on mindfulness for the UK parliament. In this talk I share my reflections on the strengths and limitations of the secular mindfulness movement - including how it challenges us to rethink our own teaching and our place in the Buddhist world; and explore the 'sacred' dimension of mindfulness in Triratna Buddhism."