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Imagine a Sangha...

by Jvalamalini

Imagine a Sangha where...
- We gather weekly in large numbers and are all actively willing to take our practice deeper
- We can eat and relax together, outside regular class times
- We are able to engage and retain higher numbers of new people, with whom you can enjoy sharing your experience to help them and deepen your own understanding
- Our course structure better enables the transition for newer people to attend Sangha evenings
- Everyone feels more connected and more valued in our Sangha
- Everyone really wants to be here (you included), as it is so alive, vibrant and inspiring
- Numbers of men and women Mitras and Order Members are growing as a sign of increased engagement and our ever-deepening and growing Sangha
- We are creating an environment more conducive for insight to flower amongst us

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Imagine a Sangha... (31:12) 

Total running time: 31:12