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The Playboy, Grieving Men, and An Old Crone

by Padmavajra (2007)

In this second talk of the eight-part series Crazy Wisdom of the Mahasiddhas, we explore the wisdom of disillusionment in four stories of the Mahasiddhas.

First we hear of Yasha realizing the emptiness of sensual pleasure and his encounter with the Buddha. Then the story of the transformation of the suffering of Tantipa the Senile Weaver through the practices of the wandering yogi Jalandhara. Kankaripa, the grieving widower, opens to the reality of impermanence by meditating on his wife as a dakini. And the highly-learned Naropa meets with a frightening crone who challenges his understanding of the Dharma.

This talk is part of the series Crazy Wisdom of the Mahasiddhas.