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Kalyanamitrata and Dhyana

by Singhamanas (2014)

The first talk given on the European Triratna Men's Convention at Adhisthana on 15 August 2014.

The Men's Convention, the first to be held at Adhisthana, was based on Milarepa's final exhortation from "The Shepherd's Search for Mind", which provides a complete path, effortlessly combining devotion and meditation.

Day 1:
When your body is rightly posed, and your mind absorbed deep in meditation,
You may feel that thought and mind both disappear;
Yet this is but the surface experience of dhyana.
By constant practice and mindfulness thereon,
One feels radiant self-awareness shining like a brilliant lamp.
It is pure and bright as a flower,
It is like the feeling of staring
Into the vast and empty sky.
The awareness of voidness is limpid and transparent, yet vivid.
This non-thought, this radiant and transparent experience
Is but the feeling of Dhyana