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Six Element Practice and the Dhatuvibhanga sutta

by Kulaprabha (2007)

The Dhatuvibhanga Sutta - the Exposition of the Elements - tells the story of a meeting between the Buddha and a young monk called Pukkusati. The young monk doesn't at first realise who he is sharing his lodgings with. He is just very grateful the next morning for the offer of some help with his meditation practice. And the Buddha teaches him the Six Element Practice - that was after sitting all night meditating together!

Kulaprabha has often referred to this sutta while introducing people to the Six Element practice on ordination retreats. And the month before giving the talk she had been at Akashavana Retreat Centre in Spain co-leading a retreat for members of the Western Buddhist Order on that theme. This version of the talk was given in a very different context - at Windhorse Trading's main wholesale warehouse in Cambridge, UK. She had been asked to talk about Insight and Work. As you'll hear in the talk, Kulaprabha was a bit stumped as to how to do that but in the end thought that it was worth taking the ideas and reflections from her experience of the Six Element practice and suggesting to the Windhorse workers that they might find their own ways to apply them in the very busy context of running a business.

Given at Windhorse Trading, Cambridge, 2007

Total running time: 0:53:13