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The First Three Sights

by Various

When Siddhartha Gautama was a young man, it's said that he was so struck by three particular observations that he felt he had no choice but to make a radical change in his life. These were the traditional 'three sights': old age, sickness and death in his fellow human beings.

Here three dharmacharinis from the Western Buddhist Order offer often moving contemporary responses to the same observations, and give perhaps a glimpse of how, as with Siddhartha, full reflection on them can light our darkest paths to full Awakening.

Talks given at the Western Buddhist Order Convention, Wymondham 2009

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1. Ratnasuri - The First Sight (Old Age) (14:06) 
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2. Muditasri - The Second Sight (Sickness) (18:26) 
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3. Dayapakshini - The Third Sight (Death) (15:37) 

Total running time: 48:09