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21-Day Meditation For Recovery - Week 3

by Vimalasara and Paramabandhu

Week three of a 21-day course in meditation to help with recovery. This course accompanies the book 'Eight Step Recovery: Using the Buddha's Teachings to Overcome Addiction' by Paramabandhu and Vimalasara. Includes bonus track with a loving-kindness meditation.

Each meditation in this series is about 15 minutes long. It's a bite-sized length, great if you find it hard to make time or if you struggle with longer meditations. The meditations cover a wide range of topics including mindfulness, loving-kindness, ethics, wisdom and mantras. All the meditations have some background music which can help you to stay focused on the subject of meditation.

This talk is part of the series 21-Day Meditation for Recovery.

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1. Padmasambhava mantra (15:53) 
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2. Ocean breath (15:33) 
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3. May you be peaceful (15:16) 
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4. Tara mantra (15:31) 
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5. Mindfullness of breathing (16:19) 
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6. Amitabha mantra (15:32) 
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7. Just sitting with gong bath (15:47) 
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8. A Loving Kindness Meditation (14:07) 

Total running time: 2:03:58