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Reflection on Vasubandhu's Four Factors

by Dhammadassin

Vasubandhu was a renowned Buddhist teacher and philosopher who lived in the Gandhara region of northern India in the 4th century CE. One of his works is a text called "Treatise on Generating the Bodhisattva Vow". Here Dhammadassin leads through a meditative reflection based on teachings from that text. These Four Factors are suggested by Vasubandhu as being of great help to Buddhist practitioners intent on generating Bodhi Resolve - the resolve to gain Enlightenment for the sake of all beings. More information about the four factors can be found in Sangharakshita's book "The Meaning of Conversion in Buddhism."

The reflection was given on "This Precious Human Life" a meditation retreat for women who have asked for ordination.

Taraloka, Feb 2008.

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1. Introduction (2:55) 
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2. Recollecting the Life of the Buddha (11:19) 
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3. Seeing the Faults of Conditioned Existence (11:49) 
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4. Observing the Suffering of Sentient Beings (11:04) 
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5. Contemplating the Virtues of the Tathagathas (10:01) 
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6. Transference of Merit and Self-Surrender (1:50) 

Total running time: 48:58