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The Five Aspects of Dharma Life - Questions and Answers

by Subhuti

A question and answer session punctuating a series of eight talks by Subhuti on the System of Practice retreat at Padmaloka for men who have asked for Ordination.

In these talks, Subhuti delves into the fundamental principles behind Integration, Positive Emotion, Spiritual Receptivity, Spiritual Death, and Spiritual Rebirth, finding in each new and deeper significance. He invites his hearers to apply them deeply in their own lives.

5. Questions and Answers

This talk is part of the series The Five Aspects of the Dharma Life.

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1. Effort and wilfulness (11:35) 
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2. The goal, near or far (10:07) 
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3. Spiritual death, Spiritual rebirth - the risk of degradation of meaning (9:29) 
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4. Applying the System of Practice to a context wider than the individual (5:27) 
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5. Practical application of the Dharma to work and family (6:22) 
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6. Engaging with puja (10:21) 
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7. Creating a New Society - easier in the West or India (8:00) 
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8. Myth (11:19) 
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9. Liberation Unleashed (4:12) 
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10. About sheep (4:48) 

Total running time: 1:21:40