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Living From The Bodhicitta - Talk 3

by Padmavajra

In this series of five talks given on a Going for Refuge retreat, Padmavajra attempts to explore some aspects of Sangharakshita's insights into the Bodhicitta, as well as how we might live a life devoted to living from the Bodhicitta.

Talk 3: The Path of Boundless Loving-Kindness

The practice of metta through all the stages of the path: Metta as mindfulness practice; Metta, integration, absorption and samadhi; Metta, not-self and shunyata; Metta and beauty; Metta, the imagination and visionary experience.

This talk is part of the series Living from the Bodhicitta.

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Living From The Bodhicitta - Talk 3 (49:24) 

Total running time: 49:24