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Dreaming Angels

by Vajratara

A rousing and challenging talk given on the December 2012 National Order Weekend for women. The full title is Dreaming Angels Each Imbued with the Mysteries of the Other - Why the Triratna Buddhist Order is Needed and What It Can Do.

Vajratara begins her talk by evoking the social revolution of Dr Ambedkar. A revolution, she says, which is still needed to overthrow unhelpful attitudes in society, free the disadvantaged and give meaning to those who long for a higher life. She explains how the Triratna Buddhist Order can be in the first rank of the fighting forces in this revolution by referring to the Five Pillars of the Order.

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1. Bright Beads of Buddhism (5:13) 
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2. Dr Ambedkar and Social Revolution (5:39) 
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3. Revolution Against Greed Hatred and Delusion (10:32) 
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4. The Language of Revolution (3:36) 
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5. Ideas (6:36) 
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6. Practices (4:52) 
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7. Institutions (9:26) 
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8. Experiment (1:59) 
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9. Imagination and Dreaming Angels (7:30) 

Total running time: 55:23