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Religion Without God, Part 3 - Death and the Biggest Questions of All

by Candradasa (2012)

The third talk in 'Religion without God', a four-part series looking at how you can have a full spiritual life as a 21st Century person without recourse to blind faith or setting yourself against the rational world we find ourselves in. The Buddha faced some of the same dilemmas as us in India in 500 BCE, and we face some new challenges with 2500 years of culture and experience in between his time and our own.

When you don't believe in an afterlife, what vision can there be around death and dying? What did the Buddha mean when he taught about re-becoming and rebirth? Here Candradasa uses Buddhist scripture, vision literature, and poetry to tease out a sense of the Buddha's awesome vision of what life is, and how that might affect our ideas of what happens after death. Big ideas, big questions to sit with - all pointing to a practically beautiful experience of seeing things clearly in this life...

This talk is part of the series Religion Without God.

Total running time: 1:0:19