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Opening of Metta Vihara - Talk to the Order (with translation in Dutch)

by Subhuti

In this talk Subhuti addresses the order in the low countries (Belgium and Holland) at the opening of their brand new retreat center metta vihara.

Subhuti talks about the importance of the center and links it up with some basic dharma.

This talk is translated by Akasasuri.

Metta Vihara retreat center - 11 May 2012

In dit praatje richt Subhuti zich tot de Orde in de lage landen bij de opening van het gloednieuwe retraitecentrum metta vihara.

Subhuti heeft het over het belang van het centrum en maakt de connectie met basis elementen uit de dharma.

Er is vertaling bij dit praatje door Akasasuri.

Metta Vihara - 11 mei 2012

Talk (click play to listen)

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Opening of Metta Vihara - Talk to the Order (51:42) 

Total running time: 51:42