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Purna and the Perfumed Chamber - Stories From Early Sanskrit Buddhism

by Vajratara (2012)

Vajratara introduces us to the Avadanas, some of the earliest Buddhist texts written in Sanskrit. Think about them as notes for storytellers telling fantastic tales about the Buddha and his disciples. Today the notes used by those stoytellers still conjure up vivid pictures for us of the Buddha and his disciples. Here, Vajratara tells us story of Purna in the context of the ancient, and modern, spiritual dilemma: How do we carry on practising when the Master has gone?

This was one of two talks given on March 2012 UK Women National Order Weekend. The theme of the weekend was Delighting in the Buddha through Story - from dreadlocked ascetics, the taming of dragons, lost in the desert, and conversing with gods.

The other talk is by Amritamati and is called 'The Sandy Road Jataka - Birth Tales of the Buddha'.

Total running time: 0:31:30