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The Rainbow Road - Part 5

von Sangharakshita (1997)

The Rainbow Road

From Tooting Broadway to Kalimpong, Memoirs of an English Buddhist.

By Sangharakshita.

This is the first set of memoirs by Sangharakshita. Set out on the Rainbow Road and take an extraordinary journey from wartime London to the dusty villages, ashrams and mountain caves of India. Long before thousands of Westerners flocked to Asia in search of themselves, Dennis Lingwood set out to search for the Buddha's teaching in the land that gave birth to Buddhism. Accompanying him in his quest, we can follow his life as a homeless wanderer and witness his ordination as the Buddhist monk Sangharakshita. Although full of fascinating characters and keen insights, The Rainbow Road is not just an entertaining travel book-it is a remarkable record of a journey of spiritual exploration.

A community audio book read by Subhadra.

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