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Living with Ethics

by Sangharakshita

Sangharakshita launches 'Living with Ethics' at FWBO Day 2009. He reflects on gratitude and looks at ethics and altruism.

Living ethically means more than just watching our intentions and mental states to determine their skilfulness. It also requires us to have imagination in how we treat others, and truly put ourselves in others' shoes. Here, Sangharakshita discusses the difference between horizontal and vertical imagination, seeing the world with the Divine Eye, and applying imagination as a door to nonduality and an ethical life.

Talk given at Birmingham Buddhist Center, 2009

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1. Sangharakshita expresses katannuta, or gratitude, to Vidyadevi and Samacitta (6:10) 
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2. The basis of "Living Ethically" - a commentary on the ten precepts, and their applications to modern life (2:16) 
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3. Seeing the ten precepts not just in terms of our intentions and mental states, but also in how we treat others (4:13) 
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4. The importance of imagination in living an ethical life to put ourselves in anothers' shoes (1:40) 
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5. Two kinds of imagination - horizontal and vertical; horizontal exists on mundane plane, affected by emotion (3:27) 
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6. Vertical imagination as a creative force, enabling us to rise above ourselves (1:31) 
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7. The Divine Eye as it corresponds to vertical imagination; How the Buddha used it to see human potential (2:54) 
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8. Using vertical imagination as a doorway to nonduality and living ethically (2:03) 

Total running time: 24:14