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Launch of The Essential Sangharakshita and Living Ethically

by Sangharakshita

Sangharakshita launches two new books, 'The Essential Sangharakshita', and 'Living Ethically', at FWBO Day 2009.

Here Sanghgarakshita discusses the origin of the material for 'The Essential Sangharakshita' and the process of writing it. He then talks about Nagarjuna's importance in Buddhism in bringing the 'Perfection of Wisdom' sutras to light, and in creating the 'Ratnamala', which is the basis of 'Living Ethically'. He further expands on the importance of keeping the precepts and understanding sila (ethics).

Talk given at Birmingham Buddhist Center, 2009

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1. The origin of the Sangharakshita Reader, outlining his literary legacy; small gap where Bhante discusses his source material (4:54) 
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2. Organizing the vast amount of material symbolically to correspond with the Five Jinas (2:40) 
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3. Deciding on the right description for the book; a variety of ways to read it (5:02) 
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4. Chogyam Rinpoche's thangka illustrating Nagarjuna receiving the Perfection of Wisdom sutras (3:49) 
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5. Nagarjuna's importance in bringing the Perfection of Wisdom sutras to light; themes of the sutras (2:60) 
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6. Nagarjuna's work, the Ratnamala, as the basis of the book, Living Ethically, and a future book on wisdom (3:26) 
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7. Sila, Samadhi, and Prajna are the threefold foundation of Buddhism; Ethics are first and fundamentally important (2:35) 
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8. Sila not just ethics, but also manners; we should set an ethical example with each other and the wider world; summary (3:49) 

Total running time: 29:15