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Recollections and Reflections on My Going Forth

by Sangharakshita (2007)

In 'Recollections and Reflections on My Going Forth', Sangharakshita revisits his time as a wandering 'Dharma Farer' in the India of the 1940s. The occasion for this colourful set of stories and related insights is the 60th anniversary of his decision to 'Go Forth' into the homeless life, in line with the oldest Buddhist traditions. Sangharakshita is in fine, thoughtful, at times even mischievous form as he heads into his 83rd year, and, as usual, is uncompromising in his vision of the spiritual life as a vital challenge to the comfortable mores of our times.

This talk was given at the Western Buddhist Order International Men's Convention, and contains an introduction and closing remarks by Padmavajra.

Talk given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, August 2007

Total running time: 0:54:53