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Meditation Versus Psychotherapy

by Sangharakshita

What are meditation and psychotherapy? In this lecture Sangharakshita appeals for a synthesis between the two approaches.

Talk given in 1970.

This talk is part of the series Aspects of the Higher Evolution of the Individual.

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1. Introduction (3:19) 
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2. What is meditation? i. Unification and integration of psychic energies - true concentration and true selfhood (8:32) 
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3. Similes for the four progressive stages of concentration (5:45) 
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4. ii. Intensification and expansion iii. 'Contemplation' - Insight (6:00) 
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5. What is psychotherapy? Carl Jaspers' definition; psychoanalysis - Freudian theory of repressed emotion; psychotherapy and the growth of mental illness (15:06) 
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6. The relation between meditation and psychotherapy - 'an only-partial anatagonism'; some common features (6:09) 
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7. A vitally important difference (4:39) 
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8. 'Objections, counter-objections, and qualifications' (8:27) 
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9. An appeal for synthesis (4:15) 

Total running time: 1:02:12