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How Consciousness Evolves

by Sangharakshita

Higher evolution consists in the development of mind from simple consciousness to self-consciousness, Transcendental consciousness, and Absolute consciousness. This is a useful, concise summary of points made in the previous series.

Talk given in 1970.

This talk is part of the series Aspects of the Higher Evolution of the Individual.

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1. Lower and Higher Evolution - two ways of looking at Man; contexts for the Higher Evolution (15:47) 
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2. What is Man? (6:23) 
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3. What is consciousness? Four levels of consciousness: i. simple ii. self iii. transcendental iv. Absolute (13:15) 
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4. Collective versus individual evolution (8:57) 
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5. A choice and a struggle; being in the minority (8:50) 
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6. Developing different levels simultaneously; the development of consciousness as primary motivation; conclusion - hard work (8:49) 

Total running time: 1:02:01