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by Sangharakshita

Attitudes connected with goal-seeking are at the root of misunderstandings about the nature of Nirvana, which many consider to be Buddhism's 'goal'. Sangharakshita challenges us to investigate our real motives for wanting to know what Nirvana is.

N.B. Poor original recording.

Talk given in 1966.

This talk is part of the series Introducing Buddhism.

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1. The Dharma is like the ocean (3:31) 
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2. ”All for the sake of Nirvana “ (8:30) 
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3. The usual lecture on Nirvana (4:11) 
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4. Nirvana as 'goal' (14:08) 
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5. The setting-up of goals as a substitute for self-knowledge (3:04) 
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6. Developing awareness and its relation to Nirvana (6:35) 
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7. Examining our motives (7:46) 

Total running time: 47:45