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Communicating the Dharma

by Sangharakshita

Alternatively known as 'Fifteen Points for Giving Dharma Talks', this thoughtful lecture to a group of experienced Order Members is a treasure-trove of good advice for anyone who takes an interest in how best to communicate the Buddha's teachings and our own experience of the Dharma.

Talk given in 1999.

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1. Introduction: fifteen points (8:48) 
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2. i. Know your subject ii. Prepare (6:54) 
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3. iii. Do not conceal ignorance iv. Know your audience (8:53) 
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4. v. Be genuine vi. Don't do it your way (6:05) 
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5. vii. Avoid fashionable terminology viii. Dress appropriately ix. Watch your gestures (6:34) 
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6. x. Don't talk down to the audience xi. Don't be apologetic xii. Be aware of the occasion (6:35) 
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7. xiii. Be systematic xiv. Don't be afraid of repeating yourself (5:47) 
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8. xv. Speak clearly (2:55) 

Total running time: 52:31