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Standing on Holy Ground

by Sangharakshita

In this lecture, by using his own poem 'The Scholars' as a reference point, Sangharakshita presents us with some valuable tips for navigating the sea of Buddhist literature currently flooding through the West; and makes some sharp observations on contemporary cultural and social values.

Talk given in 1999.

This talk is part of the series Three Lectures to the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.

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1. Introduction - explaining poetry (16:59) 
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2. Consulting dictionaries (11:19) 
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3. Words and experience (10:22) 
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4. Choosing books on Buddhism (8:01) 
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5. Three different temperaments (14:16) 
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6. Responses to an individual's search for meaning (6:50) 
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7. Respect for feelings; Christianity as culture; the Western cultural heritage (14:40) 
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8. Conclusion: Buddhism in the life and in the heart (2:58) 

Total running time: 1:25:25