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Is Religion Necessary?

by Sangharakshita

After defining what religion essentially is, Sangharakshita concludes that a religious life is for the minority who wish to follow a path of 'higher evolution'.

Talk given in 1966.

This talk is part of the series Introducing Buddhism.

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1. Seeing the teachings afresh (13:11) 
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2. What do we mean by 'religion'? (6:23) 
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3. Man in relation to himself, other men, and Ultimate Reality. (6:18) 
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4. What do we mean by 'necessary'? (6:41) 
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5. Modern man is irreligious more in appearance than in reality (10:56) 
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6. To what or to whom is religion necessary? (7:34) 
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7. Becoming whole, relating to others and to Ultimate Reality as a matter of life and death (6:58) 

Total running time: 58:01