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Buddhism, World Peace, and Nuclear War

by Sangharakshita

The Buddha's lone voice of sanity once prevented a war. Modern warfare is on a far larger scale, and could involve nuclear weapons. As we are faced with a choice between world peace and eventual disaster, Sangharakshita discusses realistic courses of action for peace activists and others.

Talk given in 1984.

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1. The Rohini incident: the Buddha prevents a war (15:44) 
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2. World peace and the problem of nationalism (14:44) 
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3. Nuclear disarmament: working on governments and society through individual and collective effort (13:16) 
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4. Problems of communication: objective and subjective truth (14:34) 
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5. The principle of non-violence (11:03) 
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6. The problem of death, the Demon of Impermanence (12:35) 
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7. The solution to death: seeking the Unconditioned (10:02) 
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8. Conclusion: the Buddha's admonition (5:57) 

Total running time: 1:37:55