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Seeing Into One’s Own Nature and Realising Buddhahood

by Sangharakshita

With illustrations from the Surangama-samadhi Sutra, here are some hints on where and how to find our True Mind.

N.B. Poor original recording.

Talk given in 1965.

This talk is part of the series The Essence of Zen.

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1. Practise mindfulness; winter is approaching (7:51) 
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2. Seeing into one's own nature and realising Buddhahood: two different aspects of the same achievement (2:39) 
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3. Surangama Sutra - 'Hero Bodied Sutra' (6:05) 
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4. Transcendental wisdom and intellectual one-sidedness (3:21) 
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5. Speaking spontaneously; How Ananda became interested in Buddhism (4:46) 
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6. “I perceived you with my eyes and with my mind”; the mind not located anywhere, not occupying space (6:37) 
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7. Seeing the mind by not seeing it: non-dual awareness; “Stop searching! Wake up!” (8:42) 

Total running time: 40:01