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The Launching of the New Mitrata

by Sangharakshita

A delightful talk to mark the re-launch of 'Mitrata, a journal (now discontinued) which helped develop the systematic study of Buddhism in the FWBO and was especially intended for 'mitras' ('Friends'). Includes some valuable tips on enjoying meditation.

Talk given in 1983.

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1. Sangharakshita's visit to India (1982) and literary activity (12:15) 
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2. What is Mitrata? (11:48) 
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3. What is a Mitra? Four 'conditions' of being a Mitra: i. not 'shopping around' spiritually ii. regular meditation practice iii. helping out with an FWBO Centre iv developing spiritual friendships with Order Members (15:40) 
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4. The story of Meghiya; five things that conduce to spiritual maturity: i. spiritual friendship; ii. ethical behaviour (7:25) 
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5. iii. Dharma discussion; iv. effort (meditative); v. Insight (5:10) 
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6. The new Mitrata: the Noble Eightfold Path - Vision and Transformation (8:57) 

Total running time: 1:01:15