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The Taste of Freedom

by Sangharakshita

Just as the mighty ocean has but one taste, the taste of salt, even so the Dharma-vinaya (Buddhism) has but one taste, the taste of Freedom. (from 'The Udana'). This brilliant and rousing tour-de-force on transcendental freedom is one of Sangharakshita's best-loved lectures.

Talk given in 1979.

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1. What is Buddhism? Buddhism (Dharma-Vinaya) as an ocean; Eight strange and wonderful things about the great ocean (18:42) 
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2. What is freedom (vimutti)? The great ocean is strange and wonderful; Seeing the Dharma-Vinaya again and again and taking delight in it (16:23) 
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3. The place vimutti occupies in the Twelve Positive Nidanas: no real freedom without Insight into Reality (10:58) 
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4. The first three Fetters: i. The Fetter of Habit (6:27) 
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5. ii. The Fetter of Superficiality (4:42) 
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6. iii. The Fetter of Vagueness (5:01) 
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7. Every part of the Dharma-Vinaya has the taste of freedom; Freedom as something to be tasted: the meaning and significance of rasa (taste) (8:25) 
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8. The Dakini, the 'Lady of Space' (3:26) 

Total running time: 1:14:04