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The Buddha’s Philosophy of Right Speech

by Sangharakshita

The lecture takes us through the four positive and progressive speech precepts, and is a statement of what rigorous spiritual practice really entails.

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1. A review of Buddhist scriptures: meaningful speech in the Dhammapada; quality not quantity (13:27) 
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2. The great importance of speech in Buddhism; four progressively deepening qualities of Perfect Speech: (6:25) 
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3. I. Truthful Speech - i. factually accurate, not exaggerating or minimising-ii. 'psycho-spiritually accurate', the need for self-awareness (10:40) 
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4. II. Affectionate Speech - awareness of other people (5:32) 
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5. III. Useful Speech - promoting spiritual growth in others, being positive and appreciative; IV. Harmonious Speech - mutual self-transcendence; the culmination in silence (9:05) 
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6. Introduction to communication exercises (4:12) 

Total running time: 49:21