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The New Man Speaks

by Sangharakshita

This lecture celebrates the anniversary of the Buddha's decision to teach, with an account of the events just after his Enlightenment.

Talk given in 1971.

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1. Highest values in spiritual traditions: i. Ancient Persia ii. Islam iii. Buddhism - the Three Jewels (9:46) 
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2. Three great festivals: i. Vaishaka (Buddha Day) ii. Dharmachakrapravartana (Dharma Day) iii. The end of the rainy season retreat (Sangha Day) (8:37) 
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3. The Buddha immediately after his Enlightenment - the 'New Man' speaks (13:16) 
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4. Brahma Sahampati and the opening of the Buddha Eye (8:06) 
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5. Who to teach? The Buddha and Uppaka - missing great opportunities (10:56) 
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6. The Buddha and the five ascetics in the deer park; what does the Buddha teach? Various evocations in scripture (13:22) 
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7. What do we celebrate on Dharma Day? (5:14) 

Total running time: 1:09:17