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Padmasambhava: Tantric Guru of Tibet

by Sangharakshita

Padmasambhava, often known as the 'Second Buddha', is famous for converting the demons of Tibet. In this lecture we are given a brief biography of Padmasambhava and an outline of the progressive Nyingmapa practices attributed to him.

N.B. Poor original recording.

Talk given in 1972.

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1. An encounter with Padmasambhava in Darjeeling (7:18) 
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2. The historical figure; the biographies (7:41) 
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3. Padmasambhava's career (15:11) 
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4. Padmasambhava's arrival in Tibet looked at in more detail (12:25) 
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5. How did Padmasambhava overcome the demons? engaging with the non-rational (15:31) 
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6. Padmasambhava's teachings (4:18) 
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7. The nine yanas: Sravakayana; Pratyekabuddhayana; Bodhisattvayana; Kriyayogayana; Ubayacaryayogayana; Yogayana; Mahayogayana; Anuyogayana; Atiyogayana (7:37) 
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8. The Nyingmapa tradition (9:15) 

Total running time: 1:19:16