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by Sangharakshita

Ordinary experience is governed by the endless round of the Wheel of Life, which can be gradually halted by treading the spiral path to Enlightenment until progress becomes irreversible.

N.B. Poor original recording, with considerable deterioration on final track.

Talk given in 1965.

This talk is part of the series The Meaning of Conversion in Buddhism.

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1. A turning around in the context of our practice (7:25) 
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2. The law of conditionality; cyclical and spiral conditionality (8:14) 
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3. The Wheel of Life and its significance (12:55) 
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4. Cause and effect over three lives: the first sandhi: from past to present life (3:17) 
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5. The second sandhi: intersection of the wheel and the spiral (4:51) 
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6. The 'sudden path': the story of Bahiya (5:47) 
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7. The 'gradual path' in terms of the first seven of the twelve positive nidanas (links) (15:31) 
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8. True meditation and the danger of falling back: 'knowledge and vision of things as they really are' (14:07) 
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9. The first three fetters (8:56) 

Total running time: 1:21:03