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Going for Refuge

by Sangharakshita

The essential act that makes one a Buddhist is Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels: the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. Then one's life begins to centre on spiritual, not mundane values.

N.B. Poor original recording.

Talk given in 1965.

This talk is part of the series The Meaning of Conversion in Buddhism.

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1. What is conversion? (15:45) 
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2. What is Going for Refuge? (9:02) 
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3. Going for Refuge to the Buddha (8:38) 
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4. Going for Refuge to the Dharma (14:37) 
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5. Going for Refuge to the Sangha (13:06) 
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6. Three distinct processes of 'turning around' (1:46) 

Total running time: 1:02:54